Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Fair Vote

So here it is. Fair Vote. A Dresden Files fan fiction short novel.

It took a year, but that was because I have a day job, and the overtime has been piling on. The words in this story came quickly, easily. It was one of those stories that had always existed for me in potential form, and just needed a keyboard and a dude with some time on his hands.

The story isn't about Dresden. Only a few of the central characters appear in the novel. It's about an apprentice, George Saga, who in the process of disentangling himself from a star-crossed selkie, ends up lost within the dark alleys of Miami politics. With a twist of demon.

If you're a Dresden Files fan, I think you'll like it.

Download FairVote

If you don't like the way Google Docs presents the story, you can hit File->Download Original to get the original PDF.


  1. Wonderful stuff. Thanks for writing it. It's great to see a different perspective on the Dresdenverse, especially one that's underserved in canon (i.e. Asian magic users.) Metal as an element and the 108 phurbas were both very nice touches.

    - loved the contrast between selkies and White Court: love vs lust.
    - loved the demon lawyers
    - loved Dorje; what a great character, I think he'd get along great with Ramirez for some reason
    - dirty politics in the Dresdenverse; two great tastes I'd never have known went great together
    - loved the Marcone cameos (although I wonder how useful he thought those lightbending cloaking devices would actually be against magicals)

    11/10. If this doesn't already have a TVTropes page, would you have any objections to me starting one? Or would you rather do it yourself?

  2. I really enjoyed this story. It's a huge amount of work to write something this good.

  3. Wow......................this is awesome.

    Sequel, maybe? Please?

  4. This is... well, if I didn't know it was a fanfic I'd figure it was published somewhere. This is *seriously* impressive.

  5. Do you have any plans to write professionally cause with writing like this you definitely could. Heck if you polished off the serial numbers you could probably get this published.